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Welcome to the Digital Age of Woodturning

The BlackLine Tool Company is proud to announce the launch of our state of the art woodturning tool system which provides the user with a safer and more ergonomically designed system. We offer two types of inserts; the BlackLine carbide insert (CI) and a top of the range insert BlackLine Diamond (DI). Where conventional carbide degradation in performance begins within minutes of the commencement of machining, BlackLine Diamond inserts produce unrivalled machining performance in terms of material removal rate and surface finish, for the life of the insert.

All BlackLine inserts have been specifically designed for wood turning applications. Unlike any other tool on the market the BlackLine inserts have been designed by material cutting experts for wood machining applications. We do not use inserts that have been designed for metal cutting!

Extended life of both the Inserts is ensured through the proper ‘seating’ of the Insert in a custom designed and machined pocket located at the end of the tool shaft. The Inserts are fixed to the shaft with a Torx securing system, providing for more effective and long lasting results. An important feature of the seating arrangement is that the inserts can be rotated to provide different cutting options.

The BlackLine shafts have been designed using a Finite Element design package, to ensure a maximum factor of safety. Each shaft is hardened, sand blasted and coated for corrosion protection. The sandblasting provides a slight friction grip between the tool and the tool rest. This non-slip characteristic provides greater control of the tool and allows for the location of the tool at any angle of rotation on the tool rest without any slipping. Each insert has been designed with a specific application in mind. The BlackLine range of tools will enable a wood turner to undertake a vast range of simple and complex turning shapes.

blackline tools

blackline tools


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Setting up

Additional Information

Key to the design of the BlackLine inserts is the unique cutting angle as well as the way in which the inserts have been sharpened. Emphasis has been placed on ease-of-use with a specific focus on minimising ‘catching’ and ‘binding’ conditions which cause accidents and damage the workpiece!

There are three sizes of the BlackLine Tool Systems available:

  1. The ‘BlackLine Mini Tool System’ – with a tool shaft size of 0.315” (8 mm) suitable for mini and midi turning applications.
  2. The ‘BlackLine Midi Tool System’ – with a tool shaft size of 0.472” (12 mm) suitable for mini and midi turning applications. 
  3. The ‘BlackLine Maxi Tool System’ – with a tool shaft size of 0.63” (16 mm) suitable for mini and midi turning applications. MIDI shafts can be used with the MAXI Wood Turning Handle [WTH] System.

Setting Up

To gain optimum benefit from the BlackLine inserts it is important to set the tool rest to height such that the cutting tip is on the centre line of the lathe. As safety is of utmost importance to BlackLine it is suggested that as you start with your wood turning you set
your lathe at a low speed. BlackLine inserts work well at all speeds. However,

more efficient cutting takes place at high speeds.

A unique feature of the BlackLine tools is the shape of the shaft which has a
flat bottom with the rest of the shaft being rounded. As a starting point the easiest form of cutting is to have the shaft lying flat on the tool rest. However, as you progress and want to make ‘shear’ cuts, you simply rotate the tool on the rounded part of the shaft. This enables you to take fine cuts in many cases to remove areas where ‘ripping’ has taken place.

Unlike conventional wood tools the BlackLine range is easy to use, requires no sharpening systems, does not need you to “ride the bevel” and above all one insert takes the place of several conventional tools. The BlackLine system has been designed by professional engineers and materials machining experts and tested by professional woodturners. The dominant design criteria focussed on safety and the ability for the user to move freely with the tool resting on the tool rest. 


•  Patented Collet manufactured from durable hi-tech Acetal

•  Double taper design allows for clamping both the front and back of the collet, increasing rigidity and giving the artist absolute control

•  Key safety feature of the Collet is it absorbs the vibration from the shaft, restricting transfer of vibration from the shaft to the handle and as a safety “valve”, releasing rotational forces being transferred through the handle and wrist of the user

MINI: Diameter and Range 0.22”-to-0.34”

MIDI: Diameter and Range 0.32”-to-0.49”

MAXI: Diameter and Range 0.47”-to-0.65”

MAXI PLUS: Diameter and Range 0.55”-to-0.75”

BlackLine RaZoR Diamond or Carbide INSERTS (Cutters) Range

Carbide inserts are 3.2mm thick, sharper and longer lasting than most carbide cutters on the market designed by BlackLine engineers for superior performance when machining wood, acrylics and composite materials.

RaZoR Diamond inserts (cutters) are 3,2mm thick and designed to outlast any of the other inserts by a long way. RaZoR last at least 100 hours, irresepective of hard/soft or wet/dry wood, compared to our Carbide lasting about 5 hours 

Diamond offers unmatched linear performance ito sharpness, material removal rates and surface finish of machined surface unaltered for the life of the insert irrespective of hard/soft or wet/dry or high silica wood. Carbide and HSS begin wearing immediately with machining.

•  Emphasis on ease of use, focus on reducing ‘catching’ and ‘binding’ which cause accidents

•  No sharpening systems required

•  Each insert is designed with a specific application in mind


·  Designed as a universal shaping and finishing tool

·  It can be used in any direction from centre outwards or from outer diameter towards the centre

·  Quick removal of material

  • ·  MINI Diameter 10mm
  • ·  MIDI Diameter 16mm
  • ·  MAXI Diameter 19mm


•  Designed as both a finishing tool as well as a shaping tool

•  Very clean cut with superior surface finish 

•  Well suited to hollowing applications

•  Useful adjunct to the roughing tool

•  Option of 4 nose radii R0.4/0.8/1.8/3.2mm or sharp corners

BlackLine V INSERT

•  Designed as a shaping and profiling and detailing tool

•  Designed with two different end profiles

•  0.41mm Radius and 0.81mm Radius

•  Sharp radius for narrow grooves and detailing

•  Rounded radius for wider grooves

Blackline W Insert

•  The workhorse tool in the BlackLine range

•  Roughing and shaping tool

•  The very best insert for machining Acrylics to mirror like surfaces, fast without damage to the surface of acrylics or composite materials

•  When operated in the slicing mode, 85˚ to the plane of rotation of the spindle, rivals the performance of newly sharpened HSS tools in terms of surface finish

•  This 3 in 1 tool has been designed for quick removal of material and for the preliminary and final shaping 

•  The tool can be used in both a ‘push’ mode and the ‘pull’ mode where the tool can be pulled along the work piece such as roughing out bowls from a log

•  MINI ARC radius 19mm

•  MIDI ARC radius 26mm

•  MAXI ARC radius 33mm


•  BlackLine leads while others follow – shafts incorporate 2 precision machined surfaces namely a flat for resting on the tool rest and the 2nd our rounded section for presenting the insert cutting edge for shearing or slicing

•  Precision machined from EN8 and then hardened and coated using a high tech process similar to that used by Glock weapons

•  Tool shaft size of 0.32” (8mm), 0.47” (12mm), 0.63” (16mm) and 0.75” suitable for mini and midi turning applications

•  They have been designed by material cutting experts for wood machining applications

•  After precision machining they are hardened and textured creating a slight friction grip without any slipping

•  The shafts have been designed using a Finite Element design package for safety from fracture and optimum performance 


•  Parts off with a single pass, NO bogging, NO binding, NO burning

•  3 cutting edges precision ground on 3-sides of the insert is designed for parting and shaping

•  Key feature is the length of the blade and the double ends providing two BlackLine Diamond inserts

•  Designed to leave a very small diameter of wood in place

•  High grade stainless steel blade

BlackLine HANDLE

•  Manufactured from High Grade Stainless Steel 

•  Quick lock/release Collet by quarter turn rotation of nose-cone of handle allows for the shaft to be moved forward or back adjusting the length or allowing fast exchange of shaft

•  Designed to accommodate the full range of un-handled shafts on the market

•  Balanced for optimum safety and use

•  MINI WTH Length: 8” Diameter: 1.2”

•  MIDI WTH Length: 2-options of 12” or 16” and Diameter: 1.57”

•  MAXI WTH Length: 16” Diameter: 1.57”